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The Master of Science in Software Engineering (MS SE) program at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley is designed for technical professionals interested in working as engineers, developers, technical project leads, and development managers. The program emphasizes key skills in requirements analysis, architectural design, and construction that are necessary for successful product development.

For full-time students, the program is completed in one year. For part-time students, the program is completed in two years.

The program delivers a team-based, project-oriented curriculum focused on agile applications reflective of the dynamic Silicon Valley software industry. Through authentic project work reflective of real-world work scenarios, students master modern software engineering methods and technologies across the development lifecycle, learn to align software engineering decisions with the company's business goals, and develop the communication, teamwork, and negotiation skills critical to successful technical leadership.

The program features a Technical track focusing on technical leadership skills, a Development Management track focusing on project management leadership skills, and a Connected Embedded Systems concentration focusing on the fusion of hardware and software skills for dealing with cloud-based sensor networks. Within any of the tracks, you will learn how to align software engineering decisions with your company's business goals and to develop the communication, teamwork, and negotiation skills needed to be an effective technical leader.
Unique Features of Master's Program
Distinctive Teaching Methodology. Carnegie Mellon faculty members use a wide variety of teaching methods to maximize students' learning experiences, including discussion sessions, small group coaching, problem-driven seminars, individual and "just-in-time" instruction in the form of online materials, learning guides, and short tutorials.

Project-Based Curriculum. The program features a heavy reliance on learn-by-doing projects, case analyses, and industrial practicums so that coursework is immediately applicable to responsibilities at work.

Team Orientation. Teamwork is fundamental to the program because all real projects are a collaborative effort, and sharing work enables students and their teams to produce more authentic work products.

Software Engineering Curriculum
Features of the Full-time program
Research Concentration

Allows students with a passion for research the opportunity to do in-depth research projects with the faculty. By substituting track courses with directed research courses in the Spring and Summer semesters, a student can spend two semesters furthering their research career. Admitted full-time engineering students should apply during their first semester, seek sponsorship from a faculty research advisor, and provide an abstract of their proposed research.
If you are the type of person who has an interest in computers and understanding how it all comes together, then online degrees in engineering could be a great fit. Software engineers bring mathematics and computer science together to write and develop new computer, Web, and network software. Ultimately, software engineers need to be able to adjust to new advancements in technology, and be able to adjust their roles accordingly.
Typically, software engineers are divided into two specific fields, applications engineers and systems engineers. Applications engineers study the needs of users and develop ways to improve existing software, or create entirely new programs. Applications engineers must know, and use, a number of different computer languages, like, C, C++, Java, and Python.Typically, they develop for business applications, but can also work with developing databases. Systems engineers, on the other hand, coordinate a particular organization's computer needs. They organize and develop plans to order, inventory, and care for the computer needs of a department, or in some cases, and entire business or organization.
Classes and Assignments of a Software Engineering Major
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The types of courses you take as a engineering major will vary depending on the school you attend and degree level you select. However, most engineering majors can expect to take a majority of their courses in mathematics, computer science, and computer programing. Bachelor's degree students can also expect basic courses in English, physical sciences, writing, and history. If you plan to develop and implement software in a science or engineering environment, you should take courses in computer or information science, mathematics, or engineering. Students hoping to work in a business settings should supplement their education with business courses like accounting or finance to help understand expenses involved for computer engineering.
Degree Levels for a Software Engineering Major
· Associate. Online associate software engineering degrees are designed to provide an introduction to computer programming, and the different languages used in creating software. Students who have an associate degree in computer engineering, or an equivalent, can find employment as entry-level software programmers, database programmers, software support technicians, and software testers.
· Bachelor's. Online bachelors software engineering degrees provide a more in-depth study of the skills needed to work in the field, and will teach students a working knowledge of scripting for computer engineers. Graduates with a bachelor's degree in software engineering can usually find employment as developers, programmers, application developers, Web application developers, engineers, software applications analysts, Web applications analysts, Web applications specialists, and software applications specialists.

· Master's. Online masters software engineering degrees explore advanced concepts in software engineering, embedded software, software engineering management, and systems engineering. Master's degrees in engineering can also be specialized for designing and implementing in specific fields such as finance, accounting, network administration, or system security. Graduates holding a master's degree in engineering are prepared for a wide range of careers in the field, particularly as managers or department heads.

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This tutorial is an enhanced version of my previously posted tutorial - Facebook like comments system. In this tutorial, we will see how to authenticate an user via Facebook (and even register him on the website) and allow them to post comments. It's basically an database powered AJAX comments system. Let's check the demo below
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